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Terms of Use

1. Overview
Lamia Bakery is a web content provider offering a property sales  internet portal for property owners and agents to advertise their properties for sale in Dubai and the UAE.
By using the site, landlords and agents (who advertise on the site) and buyers/users (who use and search the site for content) agree to the following Terms and Conditions:
2. Property Listings and Descriptions
Lamia Bakery is an online community of properties for sale and it is the landlords / listing owners who take full responsibility for advertising and describing their properties. As such, Lamia Bakery cannot be held responsible for any misleading or incorrect property advertisements made by landlords or agents. It is the buyers’ responsibility to ask any questions directly to the landlord or agent before they decide to purchase a property. All listings have contact details associated with the property listing owner. Please make sure you contact the listing owner directly before making any decisions about purchasing a property.
Lamia Bakery makes stringent efforts to identify and remove any inappropriate or offensive content. Site users/members/advertisers who publish such content may be removed or banned from Lamia Bakery.com without any refunds.
Lamia Bakery reserves the right to remove any property listing at its discretion for reasons including but not limited to outdated, inaccurate and misleading listings.
Any information and content submitted to the site will become intellectual property of Lamia Bakery in so much as that Lamia Bakery will be free, without any fees, to use this information to promote the site and for any purpose.
3. E-mails
By enquiring through e-mail for a listing or becoming a member of the site, you agree that Lamia Bakery may use your e-mail address, within reasonable limits, to notify you of relevant news and special offers.
4. Property Photos
It is the landlords’ / listings owners' choice as to which photos they use to market their properties. Occasionally when a landlord does not submit any photos, Lamia Bakery may include a generic photo of the development where the property is located; however this is in no means indicative of how the actual property should look.
5. Payments
Lamia Bakery is an introduction service. We introduce landlords / agents to buyers. We do not charge any commissions, and we are not involved in any way in the property purchasing process, other than providing the initial introduction service through our internet advertising portal.
6. Online Payment System
Our online payment system is for use by landlords or agents who wish to purchase an advertising credit to list their properties on our website. It is a secure https PayPal integration. Payments can be received by all major credit cards or from another PayPal account. PayPal accounts are secure and free to set-up for individuals – please visit www.PayPal.com for further information. Lamia Bakery is a PayPal verified business.
7. Payment Options
Users (landlords / agents) can list individual properties for AED 300 (USD 80) per property per year for premium listings. We also offer the option to list on our featured properties page and to appear on our homepage (on a rolling basis and appear on the front page) to get greater exposure for your property. This costs just AED 500 per year (USD 135).
Bulk listings will be subject to a mutually agreed price.
For agencies with large databases of properties we offer very competitive monthly listing packages where your agency's properties can be uploaded onto our website via an XML feed. Our XML feeds are refreshed regularly to ensure your lisitngs are kept up-to-date. Please contact us directly to discuss our agency monthly listing packages.
Please note, all our PalPal payments will be charged in US Dollars.  Monthly listings packages for real estate agencies will be charged in UAE Dirhams and are payable by cheque or bank transfer.
8. Idemnity and Waviers
Lamia Bakery has no involvement with property contracts or leases. We simply provide an introduction service for landlords and buyers. All contractual obligations are the responsibility of the landlord/agent and tenant. Lamia Bakery is not responsible for any tenancy contracts, buyers who are introduced through the website, or any issues arrising whatsover between a tenant or landlord. We are a web content provider registered in the UAE.
As such, Lamia Bakery disclaims all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance by any user of the site, or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents, placed on any advertisement, commentary and other materials posted on the site or of any disputes between the listing owner and the tenant/user.
All users and companies that advertise on www.JustPropertyDubai.com agree that they have the required licenses and permissions from but not limited to RERA, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and UAE Freezones, where applicable for their activities. All users and companies agree to indemnify Lamia Bakery.com against any liability for any breaches relating to their activities.
9. Interruptions in service
Whilst Lamia Bakery takes every care to maintain the continuity of the site, the Internet is subject to interruptions beyond our control. Outages, interruptions in service and delays may occur at any time. Lamia Bakery does not accept any liability for these interruptions in service that may impede access to any listing.
10. Non competition clause
Lamia Bakery operates a strict covenant not to compete insofar as agents or individual landlords who list their properties on Lamia Bakery may not run any competing property web portals as part of their business. Lamia Bakery reserves the right to remove all listings belonging to an agent or landlord who also runs a competing property portal and to terminate any listings agreements without refund. In the spirit of fairness we will not compete with your agency and in return we expect our advertisers not to compete with our web portal.
11. Customer Service
Lamia Bakery prides itself on excellent customer service. We have a dedicated team to assist with any queries along the way. We welcome landlords and buyers to contact us at any time. We believe Lamia Bakery will become the biggest and best source of rental accommodation in Dubai and the UAE.